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Our Mission

We exist to bring films of all genres to our audience, (the audience is nude, not the films) But we also want to promote the production and distribution of films speaking to issues relevant to the nudist/naturist community.

Our Festival

September 21 - 23

At Star Ranch, McDade Texas (near Austin)

Three days of screenings.

Mixers and Social Hours.

Live Music

Saturday Night Dance

Nudist Filmmarkers

You don't have to be a nudist to enter our festival, but if you are and you have a film that speaks to unique issues facing the nudist community, we want to especially encourage your entry. To do so, we have lower entry fees and a 250 dollar cash prize to be awarded to the best film in this category.

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Why a nudist film festival?

Why not? We are sure there must be other nudist film festivals in the world. We don't believe we are the first, but we just can't find any record of them.  Music and art festivals are quite successful at nudist resorts around the country so we thought, why not hold a film festival? Our members love films and the Austin area is known for other great festivals and gatherings. So come be a part of the first ever, Texas Area Nudist Film Festival!

Ticket information will be available here soon!

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Get your 'TAN' on at Star Ranch near Austin Texas, & watch some great films too!

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Star Ranch's Texas Area Nudist Film Festival

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