Some of our films selected for 2018


Zoey and Simon are two employees of a salvage and recycling company who become pressured to satisfy their clients' unique needs while awaiting the next delivery truck full of special product. 

The Man Who Forgot To Breath

A Man who forgets to breathe... and who forgets other important things in life. 

Queen Kong

A smartly-dressed man and woman are trying to have sex behind a tree. In the distance is the music of a party. She’s beautiful and he’s too drunk and the persistent ringing of his phone breaks the mood. The interlude goes unconsummated, until Queen Kong steps in. 

Becoming Burlesque

Shiva Negar stars as Fatima, a young woman born in Toronto to both Syrian and Canadian parents.  A modern Muslim woman and engineering student, she has trouble fitting in and feeling understood at home and in school... until she falls in with a company of Burlesque dancers and discovers she feels most at home in this tribe of sexy misfits.  When her family neither understands nor approves, Fatima must reconcile her old self with her new.  

Long Yearning

“Long Yearning” is a cinematic exploration of the lives of Chinese factory workers and the nature of repetitive industrialised work. The film is intermixed with written excerpts of traditional Chinese poetry, creating a surreal merging between modern and ancient China. 

Search Engines

Sanity and relationships are put to the test when mysterious circumstances force a family to survive the annual American Thanksgiving holiday without their cell phones.